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Workshop at Dubai London Speciality Hospital
Live Stream In Jumeirah Beach Hotel

17th November 2017

Live Surgery Program By: ISPRES  
07:00 - 08:00 Registration  
Operating Theatre 1 Moderators: OT - Norbert Pallua, MD    Audience - Riccardo Mazzola, MD
  Lee L.Q. Pu, MD Fat Grafting for Facial Rejuvenation and Contouring
  Roger Khoury, MD Breast Augmentation. Implant to Fat Conversion Procedure.
Operating Theatre 2 Moderators: OT - Brian Kinney, MD    Audience - Guy Magalon, MD
  Kotaro Yoshimura, MD Breast Augmentation with Fat
  Luiz Toledo, MD Body Liposculpture
13:00 - 14:00 Lunch Break  
Congress Presentations
Session 1 Introduction & Biology of Fat Grafting, SVF & ADSC; Maximizing & Understanding the Results
  Chairmen: 1. Sydney Coleman,    MD 2. Ashok Gupta, MD
14:00 - 14:25 Riccardo Mazzola, MD The Fascinating History of Fat Grafting. From Ram Fat to Stem Cells
14:12 - 14:24 Lee L.Q. Pu, MD Regenerative Plastic Surgery: What are We Now?
14:24 - 14:36 Norbert Pallua, MD Latest Research on Fat Grafting and Its Clinical Relevance for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery
14:36 - 14:48 Kotaro Yoshimura, MD Biology of adipose tissue: how we can process it for regenerative surgery?
14:48 - 15:00   Discussion
Session 2 Stromal Vascular Fraction: Enzymatic Digestion, Mechanical Dissociation & Storage of Harvested Fat & SVF
  Chairmen: 1. Ali Mojallal,    MD 2. Greg Evans, MD
15:00 - 15:12 Stefania de Fazio, MD Regenerative Surgery: A New Topic in Plastic Surgery: Cooperation Between ISPRES and ICOPLAST for Education and Training.
15:12 - 15:24 Greg Evans, MD Nanofat Derives Stromal Vascular Fraction Reveals Improved Progenitor Subpopulations
15:25 - 15:36 Brian Kinney, MD Aesthetic Technology, Fillers and Fat Grafting – How Do Stem Cells Fit In
15:36 - 15:48 Guy Magalon, MD Stromal Vascular Fraction, Preparation, Composition, Quality Controls, Indications
15:48 - 16:18 Coffee Break  
16:18 - 16:30 Alexandra Condé - Green, MD Shift Towards Mechanical Isolation of Adipose-Derived Stromal Vascular Fraction
16:30 - 16:42 Sydney Coleman, MD Extracellular Adipose Matrix and Growth Factor
16:42 - 16:54 Ali Mojallal, MD Mechanical dissociation of SVF
16:54 - 17:10   Discussion
Session 3 Acute, Sub Acute & Chronic Conditions Treated with Fat Grafting and/or SVF
  Chairmen: 1. Paul Cederna,    MD 2. Gino Rigotti, MD

17:10 - 17:22

Kotaro Yoshimura, MD What Does Radiation Affects Adipose Tissue and Stem Cells? How Can We Treat Radiated Tissue?
17:22 - 17:24 Paul Cederna, MD Fat grafting to Enhance Peripheral Nerve Regeneration
17:24 - 17:36 Gino Rigotti, MD The Damage from Radiation Therapy and Fat. Biology and Results
17:36 - 17:48 Greg Evans, MD Stress-Dependent Upregulation of Stem Cell Markers and Populations for Processed Lipoaspirate
17:48 - 18:00   Discussion
18:15 Adjourn  


ISPRES Congress

18th November 2017

Session 4 Fat Grafting and/or SVF to the Breast and Trunk
  Chairmen: 1. Amin Kalaaji,    MD 2. Facheng Li, MD
08:00 - 08:12 Alessandra Marchi, MD Conversion from Implants to Total Breast Reconstruction with Fat. The Difficult Cases.
08:12 - 08:24 Amin Kalaaji, MD Aesthetic primary breast augmentation with fat grafting in 122 cases comparing different processing methods. 8 years’ experience
08:24 - 08:36 Roger Khouri, MD Beyond Fat Grafting the Breast: Scaffold Manipulation, and Tissue Molding
08:36 - 08:48 Alexandra Condé - Green, MD Meta-Analysis of Fat Grafting for Gluteal Augmentation
08:48 - 09:00 Sydney Coleman, MD Layering of Breast Fat Grafts for Optimal Results
09:00 - 09:12 Facheng Li, MD Total Breast Reconstruction Using Autologous Fat Grafting: Techniques for Ensuring Predictablity
09:12 - 09: 24 Marcos Sforza, MD Fat Grafting to the Breast, Face and Corporal Fat Grafting and/or SVF
09:24 - 09:40   Discussion
09:40 - 10:10 Coffee Break  
Session 5 Fat Grafting and or SVF to the Head, Face and Neck
  Chairmen: 1. Sanjay Parashar,    MD 2. Jaffer Khan, MD
10:10 - 10:22 Prof. Riccardo Mazzola Fat Injection in the Vocal Folds. Indications. Technique. Results
10:22 - 10:34 Norbert Pallua, MD The Different Planes of Lipografting in the Areas of the Face
10:34 - 10:46 Lee L.Q. Pu, MD Fat Grafting for Facial Rejuvenation and Contouring
10:46 - 10:58 Brian Kinney, MD Off the Shelf Adipo-Cellular Matrix Study Injection in the Temple
10:58 - 11:10 Marco Klinger, MD Fat Grafting in Face Contouring
11:10 - 11:20   Discussion
Session 6 ICOPLAST and ISPRES Free Papers, Part2
  Chairmen: 1. Stefania de Fazio,    MD 2. Brian Kinney, MD
11:20 - 11:26 Yun-Nan Lin, MD Fat Grafting for Resurfacing Exposed Implant in Lower Extremity: A Case Report
11:26 - 11:32 Bong-Sung Kim, MD Characterization of Stem Cells and Macrophages in Inflamed Fat Tissue and the Role of MIF Family Proteins in this Context
11:32 - 11:38 Giuseppe Visconti, MD High Definition Fat Grafting Breast Augmentation
11:38 - 11:44 Domingos De Paola, MD Myths and Realities of PRP for Facial Rejuvenation and Hair Restoration
11:44 - 11:50 Flore Delaunay, MD Topical Tissue Regeneration with Nanofat, Laser and A Unique Transdermal Delivery Vector
11:50 - 11:56 Carlo M. Oranges, MD The Impact of Different Recepient Site Pre-Conditioning Techniques in Fat Grafting Surgical Outcomes
11:56 - 12:02 Wei-Gang Cao, MD Total Facial Rejuvenation with Microfat Grafting Combined with Radiofrequency Assisted Liposuction and Skin Tightening Techniques
12:02 - 12:08 Eva-Maria Baur, MD Arthroscopic Debridement of the Trapeziometacarpal Joint Combined with Autologous Fat Transfer
12:08 - 12:14 Aly Hussein Abulhassan, MD Triad of Platelet Rich Microfat Graft, Nanofat Grafts and Microneedling as A New Method of Facial Rejuvenation
12:14 - 12:20 Angelo Trivisonno, MD Millimicrofat, A Product Between Microfat and Nanofat.
12:20 - 12:30   Discussion
12:30 - 13:30 Lunch Break  
13:30 - 13:50 Opening Ceremony (HH Sheikh………….)
Welcome Remarks: Dr. Roger Khouri, Dr. Paul Cederna, Dr. Marwan Al Zarouni & Dr. Luiz Toledo
Session 7 Fat Grafting and or SVF for Treating Scars Upper and Lower Limbs - Problems and complications
  Chairmen: 1. Roger Khoury,    MD 2. Luiz Toledo, MD
13:50 - 14:02 Amin Kalaaji, MD Gluteal Augmentation with Fat: International Review of Highest Death Rate Ever in Aesthetic Surgery. Study of 45 Cases and Review of Literature. Shall We Stop Doing the Procedure?
14:02 - 14:14 Patrick Tonnard, MD The Role of Mechanical Trauma in the Processing of Nanofat
14:14 - 14:26 Ashok Gupta, MD Use of Autologus Fat Injections Enhancing Scar Maturation / Deformations in Severe Post - Burn Hypertrophic Scars / Skin Grafted Areas: A Long Term Follow Up
14:26 - 14:38 Ali Mojallal, MD The Impact of ADipose Tissue and ASCs on the Skin
14:38 - 14:50 Patrick Tonnard, MD Update in Nanofat Grafting:  What We've Learned, What We Still Do and What We've Changed
14:50 - 15:00   Discussion
Session 8 ICOPLAST and ISPRES Free Papers, Part 2
  Chairmen: 1. Riccardo Mazzola,    MD 2. Kotaro Yoshimura, MD
15:00 - 15:06 Fausto Viterbo, MD Facial Nerve Paralysis Treatment
15:06 - 15:12 Aurora Almadori, MD Lipotransfer as a Regenerative Treatment for Vulvar Lichen Sclerosus: Results of A Prospective Open Cohort Study
15:12 - 15:18 Giovanni Francesco Marangi, MD The Use of Porcine Dermis, Polynucleotides-Added Hyaluronic Acid and Advanced Medications in Chronic Ulcers: A Comparative Randomized Trial
15:18 - 15:24 Drazan Eric, MD Replantation and Revascularization of the Hand and Digits – Our Experience
15:24 - 15:30 Steven R. Cohen, MD Injectable Tissue Regeneration: A New Concept of Facial Rejuvenation
15:30 - 15:36 Mohammed Reza Namazi, MD Scarless Wound Repair: The Must-Know Cellular and Molecular, Medical and Surgical Points
15:36 - 15:42 Nader Elmelegy, MD Laser Versus Selective Electrophoyo-Biomodulation in Aesthetic Treatment of Ugly Mutilating Burns of Face and Other Body Areas (The Future of Post Burn Aesthetic Treatment)
15:42 - 16:12 Coffee Break  
16:12 - 16:18 Yasser Helmy, MD Nipple and Areola Complex Sensitivity Changes After Peri-areolar and Inframammary Incisions for Augmentation Mammoplasty (A comparative Study)
16:18 - 16:24 Sophie Menkes, MD Microfat, Nanofat Grafting in Genital Rejuvenation
16:24 - 16:30 Ahmed Alaslawi, MD Forgotten Evidence in Regenerative Theraphy
16:30 - 16:36 Fabien Boucher, MD Vulvovaginal Rejuvenation with Fat and Mechanical Isolated SVF
16:36 - 16:42 Jefta Kozarski, MD Microvascular Tissue Transfer in the War Wounds Treatment
16:42 - 16:48 Andrey Iskornev, MD Above Average Look in Harmonization Surgery
16:48 - 17:05   Discussion
Session 9 Platelet-Rich Plasma: Mixture with Fat, SVF and Hyaluronic Acid
  Chairmen: 1. Sabet Salahia,    MD 2. Khalid Al Awadi, MD
17:05 - 17:17 Gino Rigotti, MD Skin Rejuvenation: Comparison of the Results Obtained with Lipoaspirate, Lipoaspirate Supplemented with PRP, Expanded Stem Cells, PRP Alone
17:17 - 17:29 Guy Magalon, MD PRP : From Recommendations to Clinical Use
17:29 - 17:41 Valerio Cervelli, MD The Combined Use of Enhanced Stromal Vascular Fraction and Platelet-Rich Plasma Improves Fat Grafting Maintenance in Breast Reconstruction
17:41 - 17:53 Pietro Gentile, MD The Effect of Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), Growth Factors, and Human Follicle Stem Cells in Hair Loss
17:53 - 18:00   Discussion
18:00 Adjourn