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Abstract Submission

Abstract Submission Rules

By submitting my abstract I understand that my abstract may be published behind the password-protected login area of the ISPRES website. I understand that by releasing my abstract to ISPRES for publication on the website in no way prohibits me from using my material in future presentations or publications.

Abstracts can be submitted via the online Abstract Submission System only. Abstracts sent by fax or email will not be accepted.

The submission deadline is 15 July 2017, 23:59 (UTC +4)

General Information

Draft Status

Please click on the submit button to save your abstract . If you do not click on the submit button, your abstract will be saved in Draft Status. You will then be able to review it and submit it at a later time (but only before the deadline).

NB: Abstracts which are in draft status cannot be processed and will not be considered for selection after the deadline

Changes and corrections

Once submitted, it is not possible to make any corrections to the abstract content or information (such as authors list and details, topic, conclusion(s) etc...). In order to correct your abstract you must withdraw it and submit a new corrected version prior to the deadline (See below for withdrawal procedure). Note that, such replacement of your abstract is not possible after the deadline. In the case of errors in your abstract discovered after the deadline, you may indicate the correction during the presentation at the congress.


If you want to withdraw an abstract already submitted, please notify us as soon as possible via stating the title and number of the abstract to be withdrawn.

 Step 1: Abstract Information


Maximum 200 characters typed in lower-case letters, except for abbreviations and study names. Please be careful that your title might be truncated if you copy and paste it into the field. Do not include authors, institutions, city names, trademarks and abbreviations in the title.

 Step 2: Abstract authors and institutions

Your abstract must list at least 1 author in order to be submitted.

Authors list

Please note that the first author should be the abstract Presenter by default . The names of authors will be published as listed on the submission form. Please make sure you have enter the full list of authors and that the information given for each author is correct, as no changes will be possible after the abstract is submitted (see paragraph on changes and corrections above).

The authors’ order and details (names, cities, country codes) will be mandatory.


This is a mandatory step.

You will be requested to select your institution when you create the presenter and the authors. Once you have entered your city, a list will automatically appear from which you can select your institution.

If your institution is not in the list, you have the possibility of creating it.

If your city is not in the list, please enter it, press enter then add your institution.

Step 3: Abstract Content

All abstracts must be submitted (and will be presented) in English Do not cut and paste symbols into your text. Use the symbols provided when you click on the Omega button (Ω).

We recommend you structure your abstract using the following headings::

  • Objectives (Aims) An introductory sentence indicating the objective and purpose of the study.
  • Materials & Methods A description of experimental procedures including applicable statistical evaluation.
  • Results A summary of the data and results ( a statement such as “the result will be discussed” is not acceptable)
  • Conclusion(s) A statement of the study’s conclusion

There is not a specific maximum of words, but rather a maximum total size of the abstracts (shown as 100 %), including the text with spaces, table (if any). The maximum abstract size is 35 lines (3 000 characters).

Abstract table

The Table field holds a table without surrounding text. Do NOT COPY your table into the field. You must RECREATE your table using the tools provided.

The maximum size of the table is 12 columns and 20 rows, and you can only enter one table. The title field is optional.

In addition to your text, you can add a picture

Abstract picture

Your picture file must meet the following criteria:

  • Format: JPEG or GIF
  • Size: less than 1 MB
  • Measures no larger than 800 pixels(x) x 600 pixels(y)

Please make sure that your picture is readable on the abstract preview (this represents how it will look in all publications). You can only enter one picture, and the title field is optional.

Important:As the grading and selection process is blinded, the title and body text must not contain identifying features, ie information such as:

  • Names (authors or other)
  • Names of institute (hospitals, medical schools, clinics…)
  • Cities

Also not authorised

  • Trademarks. Use generic drug names. The use of commercial drug names, brands and registered trademarks is strictly prohibited.
  • Company names and location
  • Web sites and email addresses

Step 4: Abstract Preview and submission

Do not forget to click on the Submit button to validate your abstract submission . After having submitted your abstract, you will receive an immediate automatic confirmation by email (please make sure to state your correct email address!) notifying you the abstract number. Please use this reference in all correspondence. If you do not receive this confirmation, please contact the Abstract Team

Accepted abstracts will be scheduled either as oral presentations or Poster.